Think of a boundless sparring partner, fine company, someone who doesn't shy away.

It is not a service or relief support.

It is real:


Uganda, Murchinson Falls at the Delta Point

joyful straightforward

Nazaré, Praia do Norte



My daily life is nondual, unaffected :-D. Leaving behind preference, rejection and facade creates room. For my children, for practical study and more.

According to a scientific theory with a responsible norm (see link). In other words, dare to enter into direct psychology, without reservation, just raw. Examined and deployed in international emergency areas, in crisis situations, in indigenous life and fieldwork in Africa, Central America and Pacific, for the dying and in providing context for concrete experiences.

It is eye-opening and makes familiar with dynamic situations, with the breadth of life.

You have met one of us, you know Sonja or me through a friend you trust, or you contact us after a professional referral, via LinkedIn or this website.

The costs

There is no profitable motive.
Compensation is adapted to your situation and intentions. Multiple days and special circumstances are easily possible.